Vikings believe in many gods, male and female, and different gods look after different aspects of daily life.


They appear everywhere from time to time, allowing the right things to happen at the right time and at the right place. Therefore, according to old legend, the gods live in a place called Asgard, which is equivalent to heaven. There is naturally hell in the underground world, called Hel. The pirates firmly believed that if a man died in a glorious battle, the soul could enter Valhalla, the shrine of Asgard, where the heroic spirits of the warriors would feast, sing, and tell legends.


The Vikings believe that there is divinity buried in animals, and they divide animals into good and evil. They believe in the existence of ghosts. Goblin and Troll also come from the myth of Vikings. The Vikings believed that someone could predict the future. They called these prophets Soothsayers. These hermits lived in remote villages and were supported by worshippers from all quarters.

The Vikings believe that the first man and woman in the world was transformed from sweat in the stinky armpits of a giant; the sky was held up by four dwarves on four high mountains. The names of the four dwarves were: Dong , West, South, and North.

The Vikings believe that the Vikings who died in the war will ascend to the Viking Paradise, where there are saunas, wine, feasts, and all good things

The Vikings believed in their god, Saul, who used to pretend to be a man to deceive a giant. The giant stole his hammer. Saul wanted to deceive his hammer back. Surprisingly, he succeeded. Retaken his hammer.


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